Competition - Draw a Spring landcapse picture

1st April 2015 - 5th May 2015
We have created a Spring meadow field full of daffodil's and brightly coloured flowers. Bouncing in the fields are baby lambs, and flying in the sky is a giant Ospray bird, with large golden feathers, that lives in the woods near Keswick. What would you like to see in your magical frozen World picture?

Please draw your picture on an A4 sheet of paper using graphite,
watercolour or coloured pencils.

Clearly write your name, age and address on the back of your
drawing and post to:

The Pencil Museum
Southey Works
CA12 5NG

The drawing competition will be judged in the following age categories:
6 years and under
7 - 10 years
11 years and over

1st Prize: 36 Academy Watercolour pencils, pad and waterbrush
2nd prize: 36 Academy Watercolour pencils and waterbrush
3rd prize: 36 Academy Watercolour pencils

We can't wait to see what amazing pictures you come up with!

Have fun!